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Grassing Grid

Product description:

Perfect realization lawn, parking lot epoxy resin, improve quality, save investment. Unique flat plug lap, the province is versed in, quick, which can adjust the expansion joint. The modified high molecular weight HDPE as raw material, green environmental protection, fully recyclable. With the German technology and raw materials, pressure, wear resistance, impact resistance, aging resistance, corrosion resistance.
Technical parameters
Material: modified high molecular weight HDPE, glass fiber, nano oxide, pigment (standard ratio)
Colour: green or any designated color
Bearing capacity up to 200 tons per square meter
Specification: 415 x 370 x and mm, 355 x 355 x fifty mm, 355 x 355 x 70 mm
Lap: flat plug lap, very convenient, can adjust expansion joint width and adapt to the change of temperature.
Construction Suggestions
1. Should be the foundation soil compaction in layers, compactness above 85%.
2. Laid 350 thick gravel bearing layer (fire lane for 600 thick) average rolling to compact.
3. Spread and thick gravel and coarse sand as leveling layer.
4. Pavement grass case, can use the saw cutting to the right shape, grid and grid leave between a few millimeters seam width.
5. In cells and planting soil, flowing from 1 cm.
6. Turfed or sowing grass seed. When turfed must be turf compaction. Water conservation to grass after survival can stop.
Applicable scope: parking lot, fire channel, fire fighting uphill surface, golf lane, exhibition center, modern workshop, noble life community, roof garden, etc.
Characteristics is introduced
Completely green grass case provides more than 95% of planting grass area, complete afforestation effect, can sound-absorbing, vacuuming, significantly improve the environment quality and taste.
(reference: concrete grassing brick only 30% gap)
Save investment
Grassing Grid make parking and greening function 2 for one, by the city, can save developers valuable investment.
Formation complete
Grassing Grid unique and stable flat plug lap make whole laid surface become a flat whole, avoid local sag, construction is convenient.
(reference: concrete grassing brick each independent, must be pouring concrete cushion foundation, party maintain level)
High strength, long life
Grassing Grid use the patent technology with special material, compressive capacity up to 200 tons/m2, is greater than the standard requirement of fire fighting uphill surface 32 tons per square meter.
Performance stability, resistance to ultraviolet, naisuanjian corrosion, abrasion, high pressure syndrome - ℃ - 90 ℃. (reference: concrete grassing brick is easy to the temperature change and the frost crack damage)
Drainage good
Gravel bearing layer provides a good to water function, convenient redundant precipitation discharge.
Protection lawn
Gravel bearing layer provides a certain storage function, favorable lawn growth, grass roots can grow to the gravel layer.
(reference: concrete grassing brick only a small space, and in the summer the sun temperature up to fifty degrees above)
Green environmental protection
Grassing grid security and stability, recyclable recycling, absolutely no pollution, comprehensive care lawn.
Portable save grassing case per square metre 5 kg, very lightweight, fast installation, save manpower, and shorten the construction period.
(reference: concrete grassing brick each square meter 250 kg)

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